Aerial Adventure Parks:

Different from a Challenge Ropes Course?

Adventure Parks

First becoming popular in Europe, Aerial Adventure Parks are now catching on in America. Though similar to a traditional Ropes Course or Challenge Course, Adventure Parks differ in several ways.

  • They are designed primarily for recreational use, challenge, and fun
  • They are typically open to the public…walk-up, gear-up, go-up
  • They usually have many more events/obstacles, often offering varying paths of difficulty or physical challenge
  • They are usually designed more for individual accomplishment and fun, rather than teamwork or partnered effort
  • They often use continuous belay systems or "smart belays" (safety tethers that prevent a participant from ever being "un-clipped")
  • They are designed to increase through-put and reduce additional staffing

Choose Adventure Designs

Adventure Designs has been an accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology since 1999. As a PVM, we are accredited to offer professional design, installation, training, and inspections for Aerial Adventure Parks, as well as Challenge Courses and Zipline Tours.

In addition to our professional qualifications, we have real world business experience as to what works. For years our sister company, Adventureworks, has owned and operated courses that we have installed…providing us with real world, real-time experience and feedback on how to make any type of course both safe and successful. So whether it's training Aerial Guides with technical and interpersonal skills, designing a course that promotes both flow and safety, or providing consultation to make your marketing more effective…we can do it.