teamworkWant a Challenge Course, Zipline Tour, or Adventure Park of Your Own?

At Adventure Designs we design, build, and inspect courses and provide in-depth training for their safety and effectiveness. We have been installing courses throughout the U.S. and abroad, in both native forests and open terrain, for more than 25 years. As a small, closely held company, we do quality work and offer excellent service. We are a Professional Vendor Member of ACCT, the Association for Challenge Course Technology, in active membership since 1994.

We'll Help You Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

We offer state-of-the-art, innovative courses at excellent prices. In addition, we'll look for ways to save you money by designing a course that meets your specific needs, instead of selling you a prepackaged design. We'll also bring our expertise as facilitators, not just builders, to your project. The result will be a course that is not only safe and exciting for participants to experience, but also fun and "user-friendly" for your staff to operate.

trainingHow We Work

Installing a challenge course or zipline tour is a four-step process:

1. Assessment/site visit. If possible, we like to visit the potential site before we develop a design and proposal. This gives us an opportunity to meet with you, discuss your specific needs, see the physical layout of the site, and give you direct input on the overall project.

2. Design/proposal/contract. Our proposal will present you with our recommendations, detailed course design, specifications, and a breakdown of costs for the project. After any needed amendments, we will present you with a contract for services, including project start and completion dates. All of our courses include a two-year warranty for parts and labor. Prices vary, depending on how extensive the course is, whether it's a tree or pole design, the number of high events, the length and depth of training, and other factors.

3. Installation and training. We will install the course to specifications and provide training for using it safely and effectively. Usually, both installation and training occur in one visit.

4. Ongoing service. Once your course is built and in use, we are still available to you for support. Aside from free phone consultation, we can also provide you with refresher training, course additions/improvements, and annual safety inspections.