Challenge Ropes Courses

Experience the power and effectiveness of action-based learning with Challenge Ropes Courses!

What's a Challenge Ropes Course?

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More than just "obstacles in trees," a challenge course is a series of carefully designed, interactive events in which groups are able to directly address issues of leadership, teamwork, communication, outside-the-box thinking, diversity, risk, commitment, and more . . . all in a safe, contained environment and all in a relatively brief time span.

Challenge courses may resemble obstacle courses, but there are some important differences. Challenge courses do not require special athletic ability or physical prowess. They are not competitions of endurance or strength. Instead, they focus on cooperative effort from groups.

More than just games or recreational activities, they require teams to communicate, strategize, collaborate, delegate, lead, follow, respect differences, speak truth, and pool resources to succeed in reaching a common goal. They provide safe "laboratories" for groups to increase their awareness of how they actually work together as a team and then practice effective teamwork again and again in a constantly shifting microcosm of the real workplace. This accelerated learning environment is not only valuable for practical insights; it's interesting, engaging, and fun!

Adventure Designs is a leading innovator in the field of challenge course technology. We design, build, and inspect challenge courses and provide training for their use, both in the U.S. and abroad.


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