Sample Events

Portable Events

Portable Trust Triangle

Two participants traverse as far as possible along diverging rails, getting support only from their partner. The team follows along, spotting and coaching the participants. This event calls for clear communication, trust, commitment, and willingness to ask for what you need. This event is one of our favorites, rich in metaphor for relationships and teams.

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Teams attempt to roll various balls from the starting point to the goal using only the pipes provided. The ball can never stop, drop, or roll backward once it begins the journey. This event requires planning, communication, innovation, "on-the-run" flexibility, sharing of best practices, and patience. This event is fast-paced and engaging, with excellent learning about quality and customer service.

Pipeline, Low Ropes event

Team Course Events

The Swinging Log

It sounds simple: The group must balance everyone on a log suspended between two trees for ten seconds without anyone touching the ground. As teams make the attempt, they discover the possible origin of the old saying, "It's as easy as falling off a log." This event calls for planning, communication, perseverance, commitment, learning from "failure," and honoring diversity. It's also a barrel of fun!

Swinging Log, Low Ropes event

The Nitro Crossing

The team must cross an imaginary bottomless pit and fit their group onto a small platform without touching the ground or disturbing the "trip wires." This event calls for strategy, use of team resources, listening, willingness to risk, and a good sense of humor. Did we mention you must also transport a container of "nitro" without spilling a drop?

High Challenge Events

The High "V"

developmentSimilar to the Portable Trust Triangle, the High "V" has two participants, each using climbing safety equipment and moving across diverging wires, but in this event, they are doing it thirty feet above the ground! Just like the Portable Trust Triangle, this event calls for clear communication, trust, commitment, and willingness to ask for what you need, but it's all at a higher level . . . literally!

The Quantum Leap

development trainingA participant ascends a thirty-foot pole, using climbing safety equipment, and attempts to stand atop a small platform. The finale is a leap to ring a bell six feet away as the participant is caught by the safety rope and lowered to the ground. This event calls for strong commitment, trust in team members, appropriate goal-setting, and a willingness to stretch out of one's comfort zone. Though the event feels risky, it is, in fact, quite safe. Most people experience a major sense of accomplishment. We often hear the comment, "If I can do this, I can do anything!"

Climbing tower recently constructed by Adventure DesignsClimbing Walls and Towers

With the support of their group, individuals and pairs challenge themselves by climbing a vertical wall that ranges from twenty to fifty feet high. Aside from providing verbal support, the group is often involved in providing the safety belay for the climbers, thus transforming the activity into a true team event.

High Circuit Course

Pairs move through a series of events in sequence, usually about thirty feet off the ground. The emphasis on partners allows teams to continue the theme of working together that began with the ground initiatives and provides built-in support for individuals to go farther than they might have gone alone.

Adventure Parks

Aerial Adventure Park

Though similar to a traditional Ropes Course or Challenge Course, Aerial Adventure Parks differ in several ways. They are designed primarily for recreational use, challenge, and fun, and typically are open to the public. They frequently have many more events/obstacles, often offering varying paths of difficulty or physical challenge, and are designed more for individual accomplishment and fun, rather than teamwork or partnered effort.

Adventure Parks